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Our devices:

  • Car diagnostic interface XCW-CONNECT and android application MANu MASTER.

    The diagnostic set has the following functionalities:

    - Reading and programming speed limiter values.

    - SLR - Sercie Light Reset.

    - Clearing inactive errors in all systems (Check Engine, LIMP Mode).

    App and interface are communicating via Bluetooth.

    List of services supported by the MANu MASTER app:

    "Engine oil", "Brake pads", "Clutch", "Transmission oil", "Axle oil", "Retarder oil", "Transmission oil", "First service", "Cooling", "Air filter", "Air dryer", "Front axle booster", "Rear axle booster", "WSK oil", "Hydro drive", "S12", "S6", "Body 1", "Body 2", "Valve clearance", "Hydraulic fan", "Air conditioning", "Cooling system parts".

    List of systems in which errors are cleared:


  • The NOx emulator is used to replace the NOx sensor or two sensors ( before and after the catalytic converter).

    Once the emulator is installed, the vehicle no longer switches to the LIMP mode due to:
    - detection of high values of pollution in exhaust fumes,
    - sensor damage,
    - weak efficiency of catalytic converter or injector.

    With the emulator installed, remaining components of the SCR system continue to operate as usual and the Selective catalytic reduction system may be diagnosed by diagnostic testers.

    This device is available in two options:

    - BCP board - an electronic board for installation inside the NOx sensor housing.
    - A 100% waterproof unit with cables for direct connection with the SCR ECU.

    Cennik emulatorów NOx:

    Mark Supported models Net Price PLN Gross price PLN
    Scania R, P, T, G, K - All models with Euro 4 and Euro 5 emissions. 406,50 500
    Scania R, P, T, G, K - All models with the Euro 6 emission standard 894,31 1100
    Daf XF 105, CF 85 - All models with Euro 5 emissions standard. 406,50 500
    Man TGX, TGA, TGS, TGL, TGM - All models with Euro 5 emission standard. 406,50 500
    Man TGS, TGX, TGL - All models with Euro 6 emission standard. 894,31 1100
    Volvo FH, FM, FE, FL - All models with Euro 5 emission standard. 406,50 500
    Volvo FH4, FM4, FMX, FL, FE, CE - All models with Euro 6 emissions standard. 894,31 1100
    Renault PREMIUM, MAGNUM, MIDLUM, KERAX - All models with Euro 5 emission standard. 406,50 500
    Renault Gama T, Gama K, Gama C, Gama D - All models with Euro 6 emissions standard. 894,31 1100
    Iveco STRALIS, EUROCARGO, TRAKKER- All models with Euro 5 emission standard. 406,50 500
    Iveco Stralis, Hi-Way, Trakker - All models with the Euro 6 emission standard. (The device also emulates the NH3 sensor signals.) 894,31 1100
    Mercedes Actros, Antos - All MP3 (MPIII) models with Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards. 406,50 500
    Mercedes Actros, Antos - All MP4 (MPIV) models with Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards. 894,31 1100
  • Errors code eraser (fault codes) is a device designed to clear the vehicle's service memory. Removes all inactive faults and power limitation

    During operation of the device, all inactive error codes stored in the electronic controllers of the systems available in the vehicle are deleted, including errors:
    -Engine -Brake system -Automatic Gearbox -Tachograph -ECU Vehicle (COO) -AdBlue -Retarder -Air production Errors code eraser is terminated with an OBD plug. It works like a diagnostic tester and fixes errors in the same way.

    The device can be used in trucks and buses.

    The most important feature of the device is the ability to disable active power limitation in the vehicle. (Power or speed limited to 20km / h). The eraser also allows you to save money, no need to go to the service point to erase errors. Convenience is also a big plus, the driver can delete mistakes on the road himself. It takes several seconds.


    -Turn the car on.
    -Please wait 10 seconds, during this time all control units in the vehicle are turned on.
    -Plug the debit card into the diagnostic socket, most often the OBD socket.
    -The Errors code eraser automatically identifies the car and starts deleting.
    -The deletion process is as follows:
      •The blue flashing diode means the device is working - fault clearing.
      • Steady green light indicates that deletion has been successfully completed.
      •Red or flashing diode means device operation error or communication network damage - in this case, please contact us and describe the problem.
    -After the green diode lights up, you can turn off the ignition and remove the eraser plug from the diagnostic socket.

    Make Models Net price PLN Gross price PLN Product code
    Volvo FH, FM - All Volvo models with Euro 3, Euro 4 and Euro 5 emission standards. 467,48 575 Revolt 1 V. Volvo
    Volvo FH4 FM4 - All models (Euro 5 and Euro 6). 406,50 500 Revolt 2
    Renault Magnum, Premium, Kerax, Midlum - All Renault models with Euro 4 and Euro 5 emission standards. 406,50 500 Revolt 1
    Renault GAMA T K C D - All models produced since 2014 (Euro 6). 406,50 500 Revolt 2
    Scania R, P, T, G, S - All Scania models since 2004 onwards (Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6, Euro 6 New Generation). 406,50 500 Ska-kanka
    Man TGA, TGL, TGX, TGS - All Man models since 2004 (Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6). 406,50 500 MANu
    Daf CF85, XF105, XF106 - All Daf models available on the market (Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6 before and after 2017). 406,50 500 Daffy
    Iveco Stralis, HI-WAY, Eurocargo, Trakker - All models (Euro 5 and Euro 6). 406,50 500 Ivan X
    Iveco Daily Euro 6. 406,50 500 Ivan D
    Mercedes MP4 Actros, Atego, Axor, Antos - All models manufactured since 2012 (Euro 5 and Euro 6). 406,50 500 Revolt 2
    Universal errors code eraser Errors code eraser that supports all the brands and models listed above. 650,41 800 Universal
  • EST 52 / EST 54 retarder driver emulator for Daf, Man and Iveco cars.

    Installation of the emulator eliminates faults related to incorrect operation of the driver, such as:

    - active and inactive faults due to a defective retarder control unit

    - incorrect operation of the automatic transmission

  • ACM system emulator (SCR / Ad-blue) for trucks. After installing our device, the power limitation is turned off.

    Installation of the device is based on connecting four wires in the cabin.

    Emulated car elements:

    - SCR ECU (ACM)
    -Injector with pump
    -The pressure sensor
    -NOx sensor in front of the catalyst
    -NOx sensor after catalytic converter
    - Combined DPF temperature sensor
    - DPF differential pressure sensor
    -Temperature sensor in the tank
    - Tank level sensor

Each device is covered by a five-year warranty.

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