Case IH Farmlift 735 NOx emulator

Case IH Farmlift 735 NOx emulator

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The NOx sensor emulator for Case IH Farmlift 735

The emulator is mounted in place of the electronics in the NOX sensor.
Once the emulator is installed, the vehicle no longer switches to the LIMP mode due to:
- detection of high values of pollution in exhaust fumes,
- sensor damage,
- weak efficiency of catalytic converter or injector.

With the emulator installed, remaining components of the SCR system continue to operate as usual and the Selective catalytic reduction system may be diagnosed by diagnostic testers.

This device is available in two options:

- BCP board - an electronic board for installation inside the NOx sensor housing.
- A 100% waterproof unit with cables for direct connection with the SCR ECU.