Daf Errors code eraser

DAF XF106 XF105 CF85 LF DTC Cleaner / Errors Eraser – all models Euro 4 Euro 5 & Euro 6 (before and after 2017)

(Incl. 23% tax)

DTC Cleaner for trucks is a diagnostic device that has the functionality of clearing DTC memory (data trouble codes) and eliminating limp mode (power and speed limit).

The device clears DTC memory (inactive warnings) in all vehicle systems (controllers - ECUs), so that the dashboard no longer displays, for example:

  • warning of reduced engine power (limp mode);

  • warning of 15 mph / 20 kph speed limit;

  • check engine warning;

  • SCR, AdBlue warning.

The device carries out a clearing procedure and deletes limp mode through the procedures used by authorised service stations.


Device functionality:

  • deleting inactive faults in all systems or components;

  • removal of temporary power or speed limitations;

  • deleting tachograph warnings (including so-called "driving with magnet", speed difference records).

Device compatibility:


    • CF85 Euro 5;

    • LF (Euro 5 i Euro 6);

    • XF105 Euro 5;

    • XF106 Euro 6 2014;

    • XF106 Euro 6 2017.



The device also supports models with emission standards Euro 5 and Euro 6 not listed above. We can develop a DTC cleaner for models that are not listed + you can update software in the future to extend functionality of the device by increasing the number of supported vehicles.


User manual, that is easy to follow:

1. Turn on the ignition.

2. Plug the device into a diagnostic socket.

3. DTC cleaner will start to remove errors (blue LED flashing).

4. The device will indicate that operation is complete with a green LED.

5. Switch off the ignition and pull out the device.

* In case any malfunction or error is detected during the process, the LED will light up red to indicate that the process has been aborted, thus indicating that the errors have not been cleared.




  • DTC cleaner runs on the principle of a diagnostic tester and clears errors in the same way.

  • It takes only a few seconds to clear the faults.

  • Device removes power and speed limitations; limp mode.

  • Device allows you to save time and money. There is no need to go to a authorized service every time an issue appears.

  • Drivers can use the device on the road.

  • Device is manufactured in Europe - you are buying directly from the producer.



List of supported systems:

  • engine;

  • brake system;

  • automatic gearbox;

  • tachograph;

  • Vehicle ECU (COO);

  • AdBlue (EEC);

  • retarder;

  • Air Production System;

  • emergency braking system;

  • pneumatic suspension.



Technical data:

  • The device is equipped with a standard OBD plug;

  • Supply voltage 6 - 24 Volt;

  • Dimensions: 7 cm x 4 cm x 2,5 cm (length x width x thickness);

  • Weight: 40 grams.