Iveco Errors code eraser

Iveco Errors code eraser

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Errors code eraser (fault codes) is a device designed to clear the vehicle's service memory. Removes all inactive faults and power limitation on Iveco Euro5, Euro6 (vintages 2014 to present)::

  • Stralis
  • HI-WAY
  • Eurocargo
  • Trakker

During operation of the device, all inactive error codes stored in the electronic controllers of the systems available in the vehicle are deleted, including errors:


-Brake system

-Automatic Gearbox

-Tachograph -ECU Vehicle (COO)



-Air production

Errors code eraser is terminated with an OBD plug. It works like a diagnostic tester and fixes errors in the same way.

The most important feature of the device is the ability to disable active power limitation in the vehicle. (Power or speed limited to 20km / h). The eraser also allows you to save money, no need to go to the service point to erase errors. Convenience is also a big plus, the driver can delete mistakes on the road himself. It takes several seconds.


-Turn the car on.
-Please wait 10 seconds, during this time all control units in the vehicle are turned on.
-Plug the debit card into the diagnostic socket, most often the OBD socket.
-The Errors code eraser automatically identifies the car and starts deleting.
-The deletion process is as follows:
  •The blue flashing diode means the device is working - fault clearing.
  • Steady green light indicates that deletion has been successfully completed.
  •Red or flashing diode means device operation error or communication network damage - in this case, please contact us and describe the problem.
-After the green diode lights up, you can turn off the ignition and remove the eraser plug from the diagnostic socket.